Did I mention Flotsam?

It goes some way to sum up my state of mind when I admit that I completely forgot to mention HERE that we have a new album being released… last Friday. Sorry about that. In my defence, I do have a three year old who is insistent on not sleeping through the night any time soon which makes most cognitive processes an unholy struggle to say the least.


Anyway, hurrah! We have a new album out! And if you’d not seen this news elsewhere, on the plus side, you have missed out on our traditional twiddling and fiddling for months/years to get said album just so before release. Flotsam is a collection of new mixes, original versions and songs that had yet to find the right home even though we loved them. There was a very limited edition handmade wooden CD but as it is sold out within twelve house of going on pre-release we best not dwell on that. Ahem. Limited edition aside, this is a digital only release to avoid unnecessary plastic production and  waste – and in that spirit, we are donating £1 per sale to Surfers Against Sewage. My daughter, having watched a Blue Peter special, has become what I can only describe as a tiny and furious environmental warrior – who ran a campaign at school to encourage children to take water bottles (she lured them in with the promise of stickers which every parent knows are basically crack for eight year olds) and avoid using the disposable cups provided, and who has banned me from buying the individually packed brioche because “it’s just wrong mummy!”, so this had been done in her honour and to give me maximum mummy points. Also, because it’s the right thing to do.




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