Our long awaited second album. Good things come to those who wait. That’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it.

3 thoughts on “URSA MINOR

  1. Gorgeous music (That’s a step above my usual ‘beautiful music’ genre). This is the second album released by this little known duo from England. They will be making a big impression, albeit probably a few years from now. At first, this may sound like another sad “Azure Ray” style girl, and the sound kinda is, but the album gradually progresses into a Kavinsky-The Knife-Les Mis-electro-cinematic-arousing work of ART.
    Play this music for the public and I guarantee you will be getting asked for the artist’s name. Doubtless we will be hearing some of these songs on movie soundtracks years from now. MyFaceSpace shows all of 437 ‘likes’ as of now, but just wait—I suspect these two may supersede “Everything But the Girl,” (which is the closest sounding artist for comparison). This evocative album has a touch of darkness in the synthy-bass that sharply contrasts the soft uplifting vocals. The tracks sound well rounded thanks in part to finalizing that rivals that of very high end studios—these harmonics can really fill a room. There is clearly one GQ on the EQ! Then, just when you start to think you might have them figured out: there’s there’s that bass drop, an acoustic guitar, an experimental bleep, a piano, a break, a Gregorian chant, some d&b, a silent moment, an acapella, the sound of wind, or even an orchestra that surprises you with an unexpected juxtaposition of what should be a cacophony of noise—but that by some miracle forms a simple and complete yet wholly encompassing resonance. Consider this my hot stock tip: Listen and share this incredible album now!

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