about rob overseer…

Hi, I’m Rob – captain of the good ship Overseer. I’ve been blasting beats and tunes for the past 10 years or so. Born in Oxford, went to uni in Leeds, then forgot to come home and stayed there so long people think that’s where I’m from. Mostly I’m known for the tracks that get used in various films, trailers, TV, adverts and computer games. I’ve released an album, Wreckage, on Columbia Records in the US (When! Records in the UK) that travels from massive superheavy electronica (I’d call it breakbeat) like Supermoves to blissful chilled-out epics like Sparks. You’ll have heard these tunes in adverts (Mitsubishi, Vodafone, Smirnoff etc), computer games (Need for Speed Underground, GT3 etc) and films (Matrix, Snatch, Blade 3 and more).  When I’m not making music I’m mostly enjoying living by the sea and playing with my insane cat, Peanut. And also trying to fathom what the hell is wrong with Rachael – why can’t she just get in a god damn car and drive on a  big road? Oh, and I invented the internet*

*added by Rachael, not actually a fact. You say something ONE TIME and no one will let it lie…

4 thoughts on “about rob overseer…

  1. Hi Rob,
    I am currently in Newfoundland, Canada looking to digitally purchase your album ‘Wreckage’…any idea where I can do this?


      • Hi Rob, (and Rachael too)!
        Thanks for wonderful Kanute music i’m really very enjoyed it
        And i have a question for you – Is it possible to purchase somewhere or download your’s Metallica – Enter The Sandmen (Overseer Remix)

      • Hi Alex,

        Sorry but it never got official approval so there’s little chance of it ever being available. I’m flattered you ask though!


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