URSA MINOR 28.3.14

I am delighted and relieved to be able to announce that our second studio album, Ursa Minor, will be released on 28th March. That’s this year, incase you were worried.

It’s been an incredibly long road to get here as it was over two and a half years ago we kicked things off with a ‘song a day’ week long project. Every day Rob Overseer would write a brand new track from scratch then every evening he would send me what he had done. I would then work on my part the next day while he got on with the next track. At the time, my daughter was still little enough to have naps and I’d write the song in the hour or so she was asleep over lunchtime, then record and send it when she had finally gone to sleep in the evening. I had so little time to work on it I didn’t have time to stress about it either and it seemed to work better than either Rob or I ever imagined it would. Four of those tracks made it onto the final album. Not bad for a woman with nappy head and a man with a profound inability to finish things because they need to be perfect.

I’d not had a chance to write a single song for a good long time and I was seriously concerned I just wouldn’t have anything to say or worse, I wouldn’t remember HOW to write. Actually, being forced to write in a completely different way was the best thing that could have happened and I found a whole new formula for the process. Gone were the days of completely literal lyrics about one specific event happening then and there in my life. Instead I took pieces from past experiences and stitched them together with what was going on in my life now. 

The result was a collection of songs that we are very, very proud of.

We just hope you like them too. Thank you all so very much for sticking with us. I know it has been frustrating, believe me it has been just as frustrating for us. We’re so happy that we can finally share what we have been doing…

Rachael x

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